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First Fruit is a close-knit group of social enterprises and charities working in the Borough of Newham. It comprises a number of companies plus a central office team which provides management and specialist support. The aims of the 'First Fruit Family' are to provide accommodation, employment and work-related training for homeless people and those who are long-term unemployed through being socially excluded in some way. The emphasis is on real work and training on the job to provide proper experience.

Aspire East London is a company distributing gift catalogues stocking fairly-traded and UK-manufactured goods. There are a number of local federated Aspires across the country providing entry level employment for people often straight off the street who need help with the real basics of team work and attendance.

First Fruit Warehousing provides second level employment, a more complex job and slightly more pay for refurbishing unwanted office furniture and reselling to community groups, charities, businesses or members of the public.

First Fruit Trading carries out garment manufacture, textile printing and associated life skills training are conducted in two small venues.

First Fruit's Young Men's Jobs-led Hostel in Newham structures the day of the nine residents around helping them get and hold down a job. The hostel provides a significant level of support in basic skills and life skills to help young single men.

First Fruit's Move-on Accommodation provides a smaller self-regulated environment for five older men giving them a significant sense of development and independence. The emphasis is again on housing and then supporting them to get and hold a job.

The initiatives outlined above are inter-linked and clients can progress through the various elements or dip into selected ones as their needs change.